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Venue and times

Eucharist Clip Art - Public DomainBishops Chapel, Cross St, Wagga Wagga
Monday to Friday 8 AM - 9 PM

Adoration Chapel, Holy Trinity Church, Bardia St, West Wagga Wagga
A security code is required for access. Contact John Evans 0410 026 796
Parking available at the rear of the church
Friday 9 PM - Saturday 7 AM

Adorers attend for one hour and we endeavour to have two people rostered each hour.


Adoration is not held on public holidays and is in recess from a few days before Christmas until the first Monday of February each year.

Annual Mass

First Monday of each September: 8 AM

An Annual Mass is held at the Calvary Chapel to celebrate the commencement of another year of Adoration.

This year is our 20th year and Mass will be held on Monday, 1st of September.  All Adorers and others are encouraged to attend.


Names and contact details of the coordinators that look after each hour are listed on the right hand side of the printed rosters displayed at each chapel.

Roster coordinator: John Evans 02 6922 6287


Significant announcements regarding adoration appear in the Sunday Bulletins of our four Wagga Wagga parishes.


The word VACANCY is shown with an orange background where new adorers are needed to maintain the two people per hour.  If you wish to join the roster you may select an hour where a vacancy exists and contact the coordinator for that hour to confirm your desire to join the roster.

Roster changes 

To ensure that at least one person is in attendance each hour, if unable to attend adorers are requested to contact the other person on their hour, their  " prayer partner''  and if both are unable to attend they should contact the coordinator for their hour who will then arrange for a substitute.


Anyone who would like to be involved, but cannot commit to a set hour each week, can  volunteer as  a substitute and may then be called on to fill an hour as required. They should not feel guilty or obligated If they are unable, to assist , on a particular hour as others are always available. 

Home News Events Meetings Adoration Board of Trustees Contact


For further information: SCANZSPAC, PO Box 1015, Woden ACT 2606, Australia Email: